Factory Logbook Servicing

From basic servicing through to complete engine rebuilds, our highly trained technicians have the skills to get your car running its best. Logbook servicing includes a full vehicle inspection so that it is as safe as possible and all repairs are on record. Our mechanics will check brakes, suspension, motor and other major components. All our services have a free wash included.



Roadworthy Certificates

For any vehicle to be registered in Victoria they require a roadworthy certificate. At Wilmour Motors our team can give your vehicle a full assessment to determine its road worthiness. Our comprehensive roadworthy inspection test will ensure your car is operating at its safest.



Air Conditioner Repairs and Re-Gas

At Wilmour Motors our extensive list of workshop services also includes repairs to air conditioners. New air conditioner parts can be fitted, and we can also re-charge/re-gas your air conditioning system so it's working at its best. Driving a car with a malfunctioning air conditioner can be frustrating and unpleasant, so see the team at Wilmour Motors to get your air conditioner working correctly and improve your driving experience.


Fleet Servicing

As a business, maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be incredibly costly. By ensuring these vehicles are serviced by skilled mechanics you can cut down on the future costs of parts that may need replacing. Visit Wilmour Motors today to discuss how we can assist you with affordable high quality fleet servicing.


Window Tinting and Windscreen Replacement

Having tinted windows for your vehicle provides privacy for the driver, as well as increasing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. One of the other benefits is the reduced UV exposure to both the interior and occupants. At Wilmour Motors, we have a wide variety of tint shades for your car. Contact us today for a quote on tinting your car. 


Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the process of aligning the car's wheels according to the manufacturer's specifications. As well as decreasing tyre wear, misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear, poor fuel efficiency and various other problems. A wheel alignment ensures that your car is handling and braking at its safest and best.

On most vehicles, a set of tyres will last approximately 50,000km, which is also a good time to get your wheel alignment checked. If you're noticing tyre squeal or abnormal handling, visit the team at Wilmour Motors to make sure your wheels are correctly aligned. 


Electronic Fuel Injection Cleaning

Many modern vehicles rely on electronics to have their fuel delivered to the motor. If these systems are malfunctioning,the car may run poorly or potentially stop running altogether. If you're having problems starting your car or getting it to run consistently, you may have problems with your EFI system. Contact us today for more information on EFI Cleaning.


Towbar and Accessory Fitting

At Wilmour Motors, we have the skills to properly fit towbars, sports bars, seatcovers and tonneau covers. to many different makes and models. Trust the team at Wilmour Motors to make sure that your accessories are properly fitted to your car. 


Other Repairs

Along with all the services on offer above, Wilmour Motors have the skills to repair and maintain many other parts of your car. Other repairs available to our customers include:

  • Transmission repairs
  • Auto electric testing

If you're unsure about any of our repairs or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.